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Financial Balance for All

The Next Stage of Institutional Investment

Contigo Capital rebalances the world's financial system by transforming uninvestable assets into an instrumental part
of the investment portfolio.

With Contigo Capital, institutional investors gain access to a new, more efficient way to invest in residential real estate.


Portfolio Diversification

Turning the biggest asset class in the world, owner-occupied residential real estate, into an investable asset.

Capital Deployment at Scale

Instead of REIT or other investments with sub-optimal returns - you get +40% ROI on your investment.

Liquid Security

Quickly converted to cash and easily priced according to the market value of the underlying properties.

Introducing the Risk-Transfer Mortgage™

The Risk-Transfer Mortgage™ (RTM™) by Contigo Capital offers borrowers unique, favorable and significantly better loan terms in exchange for a portion of their home's future value.

Through innovative technology, the RTM™ grants borrowers access to a new source of funding that enhances affordability, and grows their equity while reducing their financial fragility.

Benefits for Borrowers:

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-20% monthly payment


Downside protection

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85% LTV with No PMI

News & Updates

More about shaping the ecosystem and restoring financial stability

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*Borrower eligibility, property eligibility, and loan terms pending underwriting and approval

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