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Rebalancing the Financial System

Contigo Capital's revolutionary mortgage is significantly more affordable for borrowers, with dramatically less risk for lenders.

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A More Affordable Mortgage

The Problem

The Worst Housing Affordability Crisis in History

All-time high housing prices and rising mortgage rates have created impossible conditions for homebuyers:


of potential homeowners name affordability as a primary obstacle


Average year-over-year increase in monthly mortgage payments


Decrease in industry-wide mortgage origination volume

At the Root of the Problem

Households are the weakest link in homeownership: highly leveraged, extremely fragile, and susceptible to financial hardship.

High leverage leads to high default risk

Households are deeply leveraged and exposed to real estate price fluctuations, risking their equity.

High default risk leads to affordability barriers

Lenders, anticipating potential defaults, safeguard their capital by creating affordability barriers for potential homebuyers:

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Large down payments

Group 326.png

High rates
& fees

Group 327.png

100% amortization


of homebuyers' monthly income is required for a mortgage


Our Solution

Introducing the Risk-Transfer Mortgage™

The Risk-Transfer Mortgage™ (RTM™) by Contigo Capital offers borrowers unique, favorable and significantly better loan terms in exchange for a portion of their home's future value.

Through innovative technology, the RTM™ grants borrowers access to a new source of funding that enhances affordability, and grows their equity while reducing their financial fragility.

Benefits for Borrowers:

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-20% monthly payment


Downside protection

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85% LTV with No PMI

News & Updates

More about shaping the ecosystem and restoring financial stability

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*Borrower eligibility, property eligibility, and loan terms pending underwriting and approval

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