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The House Always Wins

Our innovative Risk-Transfer Mortgage™ and Risk-Transfer Mortgage-Backed Securities™ are in late development, so that institutional investors can finally gain access to the biggest asset-class in the world - owner-occupied residential real-estate.

This new financial tool can create true financial balance that benefits everyone - both investors and homebuyers. Seeing the rates cross 7% yet again proves that the Risk-Transfer model is needed desperately and can alter the financial state for so many in America.

Why are we doing this? In a time of inflation, when rates are soaring, when conditions are so demanding? Because we know this is the answer. No other model can price the risk of homeownership and shift it from homeowners who are reportedly now spending over 30% of their monthly income on housing - to investors who are desperately looking to get closer to the Market Portfolio.

In the words of the one and only Warren Buffett in the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 2022 annual report:

“I have been investing for 80 years – more than one-third of our country’s lifetime. Despite our citizens’ penchant – almost enthusiasm – for self-criticism and self-doubt, I have yet to see a time when it made sense to make a long-term bet against America. And I doubt very much that any reader of this letter will have a different experience in the future.”


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