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We're building a
more affordable,
more accessible,
more equitable
mortgage solution.

The Contigo Capital Platform

Contigo Capital’s Risk-Transfer Mortgage (RTM) transfers the risk & reward of housing from borrowers to investors.

With Contigo Capital, institutional investors gain access to a new, more efficient way to invest in residential real estate.


Portfolio Diversification

Turning the biggest asset class in the world, owner-occupied residential real estate, into an investable asset.

Capital Deployment at Scale

Instead of REIT or other investments with sub-optimal returns - you get +40% ROI on your investment.

Liquid Security

Quickly converted to cash and easily priced according to the market value of the underlying properties.

Introducing the Risk-Transfer Mortgage

The Risk-Transfer Mortgage (RTM) by Contigo Capital offers borrowers unique, favorable and significantly better loan terms in exchange for a portion of their home's future value.

Through innovative technology, the RTM grants borrowers access to a new source of funding that enhances affordability, and grows their equity while reducing their financial fragility.

Benefits for Borrowers:

calendar (1).png

-20% monthly payment


Downside protection

money (2).png

85% LTV with no PMI

Happy at Home

Dive Deeper

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*Borrower eligibility, property eligibility, and loan terms pending underwriting and approval

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